We provide the full cycle of website design and development from analysis to design through production, documention and testing.

Website development also encompasses any development that utilises web technologies and protocols including Intranets and Extranets.

Mobile Device technologies are also allowing us to bring websites to the desktop, mobile phones and tablets concurrenntly - and it gets better every day. We can now design a website that will respond automatically to the device calling it to provide the optimal reading, viewing and navigation experience. Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach in web design aimed at ensuring an optimal viewing experience on different size screens. Viewing a website on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that does not use the "responsive" technique will just display a "tiny" version of the website. Our own website (this one) is of course "responsive".

Drag a corner handle to make the window smaller (particulary width), you will see the elements on the page change to fit the screen. The entire page width adjusts smaller when certain width values are reached and eventually the main menu changes to a dropdown box. You might like to try viewing the site on a tablet or smartphone to appreciate the full effect.

*Note* We are open to work with independent designers and agencies or other web development companies without public credit if necessary, contact us now for a chat.

Websites could include:

  • Server-Side coding and scripting (primarily using PHP although ASP is also used).
  • Design and production of Database and Content Maintenance Systems. (Back Office)
  • Client-Side coding and scripting (primarily using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX). This is where the "Dynamic" comes from in "Dynamic Websites".
  • Product catalogues, shopping carts and Credit Card Payment Gateway integration.
  • Production of RSS feeds and integration of external feeds.
  • Email and Newsletter Generation.